The heart of INSPIFY technology consists of artificial intelligence that performs on three different outlets that are completely integrated with one another.

Each outlet performs a different set of unique functions, that is designed to pre-navigate sales opportunities and reinvent the art of retail in luxury boutiques.

Imagine a world where you no longer have to start from scratch with new clients, because you already know your customers’ sense of personal style before they enter the store!

Just a little device that allows your products to introduce themselves and attract customers all on their own.

Exceed your boutique’s success rate with the ability to reach beyond your sales professional’s potential and maximize your client’s buying power!




Empower Your
Sales Professionals

With our state of the art and patented technology, INSPIFY aims to elevate retail productivity, customer engagement, and equip your Sales Associates with the opportunity to have a bigger pool of information at their fingertips.

Maximize Your
Store Performance

INSPIFY provides new generation technology for you to navigate where your client’s buying power lies, and to surpass unforeseeable customer expectations. Our objective is to equip your boutique with artificial intelligence that converts store traffic into successful transactions.

Reach Beyond
Your Means

With you, we could digitally extend the interior of your boutique, which enables you to perform sophisticated multitasking. At INSPIFY, we believe that you can tend to your existing customers and enhance their instore experiences, while obtaining new clients simultaneously.

Language Barriers

Never again will you lose the ability to communicate due to language barriers. Our technology grants you the ability to speak in multiple languages, which allows customers to seamlessly interact with you even if you do not speak their language.

Obtain The Power
Of Information

Usage of INSPIFY will enable our AI to generate qualitative and quantitative data of your instore customers. This includes client behavior, demographics, their specific product interests, and the number of customers that each of your Sales Associates interact with everyday.


Established in 2015, INSPIFY is a retail tech company based in Singapore that bridges the gap between online and retail shopping in the luxury sector. Our digital solutions support the luxury retail industry in achieving a more than seamless shopping experience for their clients.

In an ever-changing industry that moves faster than the wind, INSPIFY is also the leading provider in the market for improving boutique retail performance by bringing digital innovation into the retail landscape.

We are a one-stop-shop for luxury brands to reimagine retail experiences for customers in-stores.

"Through innovation and creation, INSPIFY contributes to the digitalizement of the luxury industry and ease of retail."

FOUNDER & CEO, Thorsten Walther

Thorsten is the main driving force behind the business and vision of INSPIFY. His interest and passion for tech developed at a very young age, when he first began coding on a Commodore 64 – one of the top home computers of the 1980s.

As a professional football player in his teens, for Bundesliga in Germany and then for Ligue 1 in France – Thorsten learned that hard work and discipline is all part and parcel of success.

Prior to INSPIFY, Thorsten built his wealth of knowledge in business and tech as the director of Credit Suisse, and by developing multiple tech start-ups and consultancy firms in Europe, USA and Asia.

Upon relinquishing his position in private banking, Thorsten embarked on a journey to champion digital innovation and support luxury retail businesses through modern technology.


Flavio is the co-founder and the tech brain behind INSPIFY.

As he discovered his natural talent for technology and sciences from a very young age, Flavio began a path of a highly-acclaimed academic career – where he completed his Masters and Doctorate Degree at the University of Basel, Switzerland, majoring in Biosciences and Bioinformatics. After which, he pursued his Postdoctoral Research Studies at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

After working in various nations within the tech industry, Flavio then branched out and co-founded INSPIFY, with an aim to revolutionise the luxury retail landscape.


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